Webinar: Behind Closed Doors: Reducing Risk Through Professional Conduct

CG Funk

Millions of Americans are receiving massage therapy on a regular basis, and hundreds of thousands of others are exploring massage for the first time. They have different perceptions of massage therapy and hold different beliefs around touch. Because of these vast differences in perceptions and boundaries, massage therapists have to be extremely vigilant in their communication, approach, and conduct with each client. This presentation examines human sexuality and our beliefs about inappropriate conduct and inappropriate touch. Find out how you can prevent your intentions from being misinterpreted by a client, and protect yourself and your career in the process.

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CG Funk
As a teacher, national leader, and an industry driver, CG Funk has helped shape the US massage therapy profession over the past 20 years. Her roles in the massage and spa industries have included corporate leadership, massage therapy school administration, training and education, legislative advocacy, marketing and public relations, and motivational writing and speaking. Funk is a licensed massage therapist in Arizona and a certified therapist in California. She holds a deep belief in the healing power of therapeutic touch and is a passionate mentor and supporter of massage therapists and their care.
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