Video Course: Balancing Art and Science in Massage Therapy Education

Carole Osborne

Explore how to present the facts while also using art and intuition in all types of courses. Discuss how to anchor the more intuitive with keen observation and evidence-based guidelines, learn to engage both sides of your students' brains for deeper learning and more fun, and discuss creative strategies to spice up and ground all areas of your classes and your school's curriculum.

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Learning Objectives
Carole Osborne

Carole Osborne has been a practitioner, author, course developer, instructor, and mentor since 1974. She holds a bachelor's degree in education and in addition to private practice, she has worked in osteopathic, psychological, and women's medical settings. Her work focuses on facilitating somato-emotional and neuromuscular integration, particularly related to childbearing, trauma, substance and eating disorders, self-image, and nurturing. Carole has published two textbooks, Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue Sculpting, and her articles appear in many professional and mainstream publications. She has provided consultation on several videos, and for other prenatal and infant massage media items and curricula at massage therapy schools. Visit Carol's website to learn more about her work.

Topics and Techniques