Video Course: The Art of Bamboo-Fusion Massage

Nathalie Cecilia

The bamboo-fusion technique is an innovative way to provide Swedish or deep-tissue massage using bamboo tools. The technique was created to minimize strain on your body. Because the bamboo can be easily heated, it also provides a deep soothing heat. It is effortless to perform, you’ll save wear and tear on your hands, and clients will love it. This presentation will explain the origin of bamboo-fusion and will demonstrate the various bamboo tools and how they are used in performing the massage.

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Nathalie Cecilia
Nathalie Cecilia was born in Nimes, France, and has a masters degree in philosophy and languages from Universitee Des Lettres De Montpellier. In 2004, she attended Sarasota School of Massage in Florida and three months after graduation she opened her own studio and started experimenting with bamboo to enhance her massage treatments. She is the original source for bamboo massage in the United States and teaches continuing education classes at spas and resorts across the country. Learn more at
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