Video Course: 60 Clients in 60 Days: When You Have More Time on Your Hands Than Clients Under Your Hands

Eric Brown

Forget the myth that it takes a long time to build a practice and follow this proven step-by-step strategy to get 60 clients in 60 days. If you find yourself struggling in your practice, with little money to invest, take the time to watch this presentation. This practice-building solution is for practitioners who dislike marketing and possibly lack confidence in their skills, but who aren't afraid to work hard. 

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Eric Brown
Eric Brown has trained thousands of therapists at massage therapy colleges and through conference workshops. This noted massage business expert and founder of BodyworkBiz writes for massage journals internationally and is the author of 60 Clients in 60 Days. He is a co-founder of World Massage Conference and Massage Therapy Radio. He has pioneered chair massage in Canada and has worked for a multitude of companies including IBM, Dell, Kelloggs, Levi Strauss, AMEX, major hospitals, banks, law firms, and financial institutions. Learn more at
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