M&B Magazine: 2024, Issue 3: Massage & Bodywork Magazine May-June 2024

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Massage & Bodywork magazine promotes professionalism among practitioners and stimulates healthy dialogue about the field, while remaining mindful of the breadth of bodywork backgrounds, beliefs, and modalities. In this issue, use Anatomy Trains principles to uncover the body’s three rotational muscle systems, explore what MTs can do to make their massage great, and dive into how to improve the ambience of a mobile massage experience. Also in this issue: adding guided visualization practices into your massage sessions, a detailed look at friction massage, how to walk the fine line between therapist and friend, working with radial tunnel syndrome, finding ways to help your clients combat the “sitting epidemic,” and the value of oscillation as part of your practitioner’s toolbox.

The May June 2024 issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine features contributions from various authors including Laura Allen, Cal Cates, Rachelle Clauson, Erik Dalton, Allison Denney, Allissa Haines, Lance Hostetter, Erik and Faye Krippner, Whitney Lowe, David Lobenstine, Til Luchau, Thomas Myers, Douglas Nelson, Heath and Nicole Reed, Michelle Roos, Nicole Trombley, Ruth Werner, and Cindy Williams.

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Magazine Authors

The award-winning Massage & Bodywork magazine features contributions from multiple authors and leaders in the profession on a variety of topics aimed at enhancing the knowledge and success of massage and bodywork practitioners worldwide.   

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