M&B Magazine: 2022, Issue 4: Massage & Bodywork Magazine July-August 2022

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Massage & Bodywork magazine promotes professionalism among practitioners and stimulates healthy dialogue about the field, while remaining mindful of the breadth of bodywork backgrounds, beliefs, and modalities. In this issue, learn practical tips for massage therapy and bodywork practitioners to avoid repetitive-use injuries, dive deep into the benefits of using friction with clients and the potential harm when it’s used inappropriately, take a brief look at kinesiology taping (and learn a taping protocol for the pectoralis major), and read what industry experts say about the supply chain issues impacting the massage and bodywork profession. This issue also includes information on the sartorius, long-term Lyme disease, understanding ligament function and injury, the Ilia Rotation technique for the sacrum, working with brain waves to advance client healing, and the careless, unintentional mistakes sometimes made in the treatment room.

The July/August 2022 issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine features contributions from various authors including Laura Allen, Lisa Bakewell, Christy Cael, Cal Cates, Sasha Chaitow, Erik Dalton, Allison Denney, Allissa Haines, Mark Liskey, Whitney Lowe, Til Luchau, Douglas Nelson, Heath and Nicole Reed, Michael Reynolds, Marisa Savino, Ana Varona, Ruth Werner, and Cindy Williams.


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Magazine Authors

The award-winning Massage & Bodywork magazine features contributions from multiple authors and leaders in the profession on a variety of topics aimed at enhancing the knowledge and success of massage and bodywork practitioners worldwide.   

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