M&B Magazine: 2017, Issue 6: Massage & Bodywork Magazine November-December 2017

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Massage & Bodywork magazine promotes professionalism among practitioners and stimulates healthy dialogue about the field, while remaining mindful of the breadth of bodywork backgrounds, beliefs, and modalities. In this issue, rethink your palpation work, learn about the union of yoga and massage somatically and business-wise, explore the brachial plexus and thoracic outlet syndrome, and benefit from the wisdom of Therapeutic Touch developer Dolores Krieger. This issue also includes information on the right to refuse a client, working for on-demand massage companies, polymyalgia rheumatic and giant cell arteritis, the pelvic girdle suspension system, and working with the vagus nerve.

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The award-winning Massage & Bodywork magazine features contributions from multiple authors and leaders in the profession on a variety of topics aimed at enhancing the knowledge and success of massage and bodywork practitioners worldwide.   

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