Getting Started

Congratulations on making ABMP Exam Coach your study resource!

Here you will find the tools you need to prepare for your licensing exam. You can also use this program as a study guide when preparing for quizzes and exams during school. Let's help you get started.

  1. First, pick a subject you would like to study from the "Study Subjects" link on the ABMP Exam Coach home page.
  2. Choose a topic within your chosen subject of study. There are 10 study areas covering the core body of knowledge you are learning in your massage or bodywork training program. These subjects also comprise the content covered on the MBLEx and other licensing exams for massage therapists and bodyworkers.
  3. Next, choose from among three study methods: terminology, flash cards, or practice quizzes.
  4. Terminology: In the terminology section you can click on a term for a definition and also click on the "hear pronunciation" links to listen to proper pronunciation. You can also look at the entire Index of terminology. A search function at the bottom of each page lets you find a term anywhere it's found in ABMP Exam Coach.
  5. Flash Cards: Read a question or term on the front of a flash card and then click the card to have the answer or term definition revealed. Click the card again to move on to the next card. When you master a card, you can remove it from the deck by clicking on the green check mark. Return cards to your deck in the "My Progress" section. ABMP Exam Coach shuffles the flash card deck each time you return to a topic to ensure you stay challenged and engaged.
  6. Practice Quiz: Each practice quiz is 10 questions in length. If you choose an incorrect answer, the program immediately alerts you and lets you try again. This way you won't reinforce misinformation. Each time you start a quiz for a particular topic, it randomly selects a combination of quiz questions to ensure you stay challenged and engaged.  
  7. When you have completed quizzes (with a passing score) for each topic in a subject area, you will know you understand the knowledge components for that particular subject. You want to complete quizzes with a passing score in all topic areas included in ABMP Exam Coach before you take the practice licensing exams.
  8. Practice Licensing Exams: When you near graduation and are ready to prepare for the MBLEx, use the four practice exams to get ready. Once you start a practice exam, you have 110 minutes to complete 100 questions. You can pause the exam at any time and come back to it later. Don't just close your browser window! If you do, the timer will run out on your exam. If you need to leave your exam, click  ‘pause' at the top of the screen. Unanswered questions are scored as incorrect so you must complete the entire exam for an accurate score. You want to achieve a passing score on at least one practice exam before you schedule your MBLEx examination date. 
  9. Click the "My Progress" bubble on the home page to see your recent activity and for an ongoing log of your study sessions in ABMP Exam Coach.

We hope you enjoy using ABMP Exam Coach. When you pass the MBLEx, contact ABMP to become a professional member. Because you purchased ABMP Exam Coach, you pay only $75 for your first year of professional membership and liability insurance. Contact ABMP at 1-800-458-2267 or

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