$1,000 Awaits You

Black woman receiving a chair massage

Massage is for EveryBody Awards 

Advocacy. Inclusion. Awareness. Honor. Self-care.

To recognize and support massage therapists and bodyworkers who are living the principles of our Massage is for EveryBody celebration, ABMP is giving away $1,000 to the top 10 award winners. 

Tell Us Your Story

In 300 words or less, explain what you are doing in your practice to support one or more of the campaign’s guiding principles (below). Simply go to www.abmp.com/massage-is-for-everybody-awards to submit your entry.

Deadline: September 1, 2021

Winners will be announced October 20, 2021

Guiding Principles 

Because Massage is for EveryBody, we will:  

  1. Serve as advocates for the powerful physical and emotional benefits of massage and bodywork.  
  2. Support and advocate for efforts that bring massage and bodywork to underserved populations. 
  3. Spread awareness of career options in the massage and bodywork profession. 
  4. Honor the healing role practitioners play in our communities. 
  5. Emphasize the importance of self-care, including receiving regular bodywork, for massage therapists and bodyworkers, and their clients.  



We have been promoting a campaign to serve the veteran community and veteran support organizations!  We have been running a campaign all week to give back to the veteran community!  We are asking that people nominate a veteran and or veterans support organization where we will be entering them into a drawing to win a 90 minute in home massage for the veterans and 2 hour chair massage event for veterans support organizations.  We have been sending information regarding the benefits in conjunction with Anxiety, Depression and PTSD utilizing the information given in massagetherapy.com/massage-and-its-benefits!


Veteran support is close to my heart and I felt very good about giving back and bringing awareness to this community in conjunction with this weeks Massage is for EVERY BODY!  Along with giving the nominee's their gift to give we are also giving back to them with gifts, discounts, and prizes!  Everyone who participates will receive something!



We have been doing this campaign via, social media, facebook, instagram, linkedin, nextdoor and reaching out to the local American Legion posts to give them an opportunity to announce this as well!


Thank you!

Chrisitna McCarty




I love what I do. I love helping people and being a facilitator for their healing. It really grinds my gears when people tell me I should raise my prices. It is my belief that healthcare is a NECESSITY,  not a luxury! I’m not here to upsell products or memberships, I’m a facilitator for HEALING. Healthcare should be affordable and accessible for everyone and I will stand on that indefinitely!