Healwell Offering Free Online Back to Practice Course for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers

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If, like many massage therapists, you’re wondering what it will take to transform a home massage office into a COVID-safe (as possible) space, watch Healwell’s free “Back to Practice Guidelines (in Practice)” online course, which includes recommendations and best practices for pre- and post-session protocols, donning PPE, disinfecting your table and treatment room, and more. The course draws on ABMP’s extensive back-to-practice guidelines here, and offers ideas and precautions therapists are strongly encouraged to consider for the themselves, their practices, and their clients.

Also, be sure to listen to ABMP’s conversation with Healwell co-founder Cal Cates in episodes 1 and 2 of The ABMP Podcast’s signature series, “Conversations in Quarantine.”



Thank you so much for this educational visualization, of what returning to our profession as a massage therapist would look like right now. What precautions we need to take.

My clients safety and health are the number one priority for me!

I personally, believe this is not the time for us to return to work. I also  understand, everybody has to do what feels right for them.

I agree contact tracing is important! And if I get the call I'm picking up!
I,  like many have been very vigilant, getting educated and researching.

A  wonderful article I came across was an "open letter about re-opening to massage therapy employers"  by Tracy Walton. It is Not just for massage franchises/employers, but something to be considered by every single massage therapist. 

I miss my clients very much. Many call and are asking when I'm going to return. And I'm very consistent saying that their health and well-being is  my number one priority. I have clients on dialysis, those that have cancer, and children as young as five years old.  
It's similar to 9/11, when hijackers changed our lives, this is an invisible hijacker. 

I have faith in the researchers and scientists, who happen to be working together right now! We need patience! 

thank you again for this educational video.

Stay safe!

I found this course to be very informative. The pressure is starting to build for me to open my practice back up. My clients are getting antsy and so am I. However, I feel that it's still too soon, regardless of what the Governor says. The demonstration in the course, solidified my resolve to stay closed until it is SAFE to reopen. There is no way to safely do massage right now even with all these precautions. Thank you for a very informative course!