Birthday Wishes

I have been blessed to enjoy another year here on earth. What I like about birthdays is they’re an excuse to spend time with friends and family. They’re also mileposts that let you assess where things are in your corner of the world. As a result of that thinking, I got up early for a workout and then went for a run yesterday morning before my afternoon hockey game. Nothing like trying to make up for lost time all at once. Time to get back to work! Considering it’s the holidays—and following Laura Allen’s feeling of a sense of quiet and/or writer’s block—I am taking the time-honored strategy of using the list as the framework for this post. Hence, Birthday Wishes: I wish for a continual positive progression for the U.S. economy, led by demand for massage and bodywork. I wish the dogs would clean up the yard themselves. I wish for a logical, needs-driven framework for certification in the massage field. I wish more people didn’t use “Reply to All” as a default when I’m just another name on the list. I wish a higher percentage of entrants into the massage and bodywork field were practicing 5 years after their graduation. I wish my laptop battery lasted longer. I wish more of our ABMP members utilized the great resources we have developed to help them build lasting client relationships (but we’re making progress). I wish for one more family dinner with my mom. I wish every member of would invite a friend to join so we could grow our community even further and deepen the conversations. I wish Los Lobos would make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I wish you a healthy, happy holiday, and a full appointment calendar in 2010.