"Are You Ready?"

  hopkinton It was a beautiful spring day Tuesday in Colorado—a pleasant 12 degrees in Genesee with snow all day. Not ideal running weather. The good news? I did not run Tuesday. I am in the “taper” period before a marathon, where you reduce your training to allow your body to rest up before the big day. Due to injuries, the last couple months have felt like my taper period. I am not “race-ready,” but as I’ve been saying to folks here, “I’ll get it done.” It will just be slower than I’d hoped. Such is life. Such is massage therapy research, come to think of it, which is exactly why the Massage Therapy Foundation was created—to providing support for research and underscore the role of massage and bodywork in health and wellness. And which is why I have the pleasure of running the Boston Marathon in support of the cause. I started writing about Boston seemingly eons ago, but in fact it was last fall. And now the race is five days away. Before I set foot in Boston, however, I will enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones at the 17th ABMP School Issues Forum, being held this year in Annapolis, MD. Our annual gathering of school owners, directors, administrators, and faculty always recharges my batteries, so what better way to count down to the marathon. As I have previously mentioned, this is my fourth (and likely last) marathon. As my brother-in-law Jesse told me 22 years ago, “The first one’s easier, because you don’t know what’s coming.” I know what’s coming next Monday, but what’s coming along with it is an unforgettable experience at one of the world’s premier sporting events and the opportunity to support a cause I believe in. I’ve been to the Stanley Cup Finals, the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and soon, the Boston Marathon. But this is the only one in which I’m a participant. Pretty cool.