Are You Any Good?



  Here’s a tough question for you: Are you a good therapist?   Whatever your answer (and I hope you immediately said “yes!”), my response is, “How do you know?”   Do you have that inner feeling, an educated confidence, a strong sense of self? These attributes are critical to being a top-notch practitioner. My experience as a massage recipient (which I’m dedicated to expanding) is lack of confidence can be a therapist’s biggest downfall. Almost always I can tell immediately if a bodyworker is confident in his or her own abilities.   But let’s assume your skills are solid. How do you let your potential clients know you have the goods?   Two words: GATHER FEEDBACK. And then share it.   As you’ve heard me say, the best sales force is a satisfied clientele. Empower your existing clients so they can inspire others to book a session.   And by gathering feedback, I mean more than asking, “how was it?” as your clients drift out of the treatment room and fumble for their car keys.   Ask them for specifics, and do so within 24 hours of their experience. Your request can be as formal as sending them a brief online survey, or as simple as following up with an email asking them to share their thoughts about your work in a few sentences. You don’t have to do it after every session, but you should be checking in semi-regularly with ALL of your clients. Don’t assume that all is perfect with your “regulars.”   You can also check out the article in the latest issue of Massage & Bodywork about sharing client reviews online.   Whichever method appeals to you, just do it—and share the results on your website and in your marketing materials. In fact, we feel so strongly about you gathering feedback, we’re going to help you. We’ll develop a brief evaluation tool and share it with you in the next couple weeks.   Then you can give us feedback.