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ABMP CE Summit

Connect with your massage and bodywork community and experts in the field as you earn CE! This online education conference focuses on essential tools for the upper and lower body.

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$229 or $20/month

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  • “I love ABMP! Im very proud to belong to a company with high standards and amazing customer service!”
  • “Thank you for your extensive and in-depth offerings for those who purchase insurance from you. It really shows that you all go above and beyond and do so much on so many levels.”
  • “ABMP provides so much to help me with my business. From the marketing tips to all of the learning tools to keep up with constant ever changing world of massage. It keeps me wanting to do more, learn more, and massage more.”
  • “For about 10 years now, whenever I have a question in regards to business, client, or staff liability I just pick up the phone and get the answers I need from people who respect what I do.”
  • “I love all the great information in the magazine and how it keeps me motivated to do better bodywork.”
  • “Never thought I'd ever need to take advantage of the amazing coverage you have.”
  • “When I call ABMP I get to speak to a live person that actually knows what they’re talking about (that's almost unheard of anymore). I love you guys. You are great to work with.”
  • “Just renewed my ABMP membership—a proud member now for 10 years! These first 10 years have been amazing. Looking forward to the next decade of bodywork! Thanks for your support ABMP!”
  • “Great insurance policy, websites,resources, magazine, webinars, marketing materials, affordable. I can go on and on about the benefits of being an ABMP member.”
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  • “ABMP is the gold standard for respect, education, and supporting bodywork as the true healing art and science that it is!”
  • “I love the instructor resources. This sold me first on ABMP; that is why I switched. I also love the resources you have for building our businesses. Thank you :)”
  • “The entire website is a goldmine. I visit daily. The free website and email has made establishing a new practice so easy!”
  • “I love the way ABMP supports its members and is adding more resources to encourage our growth both personally and as an industry.”
  • “I love the passion of everyone at ABMP! Authentic, helpful and warm people. They go above and beyond.”
  • “The one thing I love about ABMP is that it is a one-stop shop for ALL my professional needs!”
  • “I love the website builder and all the professional tools you have online to help those who may not have had a clue where to start in those areas.”
  • “I love ABMP and respect and admire their contribution to the industry. They have helped give massage credibility so that it now seen as an integral part of professional healthcare.”
  • “I was helping a friend build her website on AMTA … holy moly. ABMP's website builder is light years ahead of AMTA's system and offers so much more for free. THANK YOU!”
  • “I love that I always receive a prompt response from ABMP when I have a question. Every professional organization should practice such service.”
  • “I'm thankful for the staff at ABMP. Not only are the people on the front lines with customers (me!), but they are genuinely helpful and eager to answer my questions that are above and beyond their job description.”
  • “ABMP has the best customer service. I needed a copy of my insurance policy while in Telluride working a bike tour and ABMP emailed the policy to the event organizer on the same day. Saved the day!”
  • “I love how easily accessible everything is and customer service is full of the sweetest people!”
  • “Just wanted to drop a thank you for your latest Body Sense magazine. I received it today and immediately put it out to my contact list. I booked six clients today!”
  • “My favorite thing about ABMP is that they genuinely care about us and everything involved with massage therapy. They keep us up to date on information and provide excellent resources for all.”
  • “I love all of the resources ABMP has for us to use—the magazines, webinars, customer service—pretty much everything! A truly great company!”
    Leigh Ann
  • “ABMP is an incredible resource! From the beginning as a student to an instructor and now a business owner, ABMP has helped me be a better therapist.”
  • “ABMP makes it so easy—insurance, education, marketing, and opportunity—why would you want anything less?”
    Mary Ann
  • “ABMP is the best you can get! Love how helpful the whole magazine is! And the people that work in the office are the most friendliest people.”
  • “ABMP has helped me by giving me a foundation to build a confident successful career in massage therapy. I am very thankful for their services.”
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  • “With ABMP, a passionate MT can experience true career growth, no matter which modality/specialty you choose.”
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  • “I love ABMP for the vast amount of resources provided and how comfortable they made me feel as a new massage therapist. They are definitely helping me grow in my career”
    Rachel Marie
  • “You people at ABMP never cease to amaze me. Who goes out of their way to help people the way you guys do these days (besides me of course). I thank you so much.”
  • “ABMP shows me they strive to promote the prosperity of the field, and ongoing education and discussion about massage therapy being an acceptable and successful form of treatment amongst the medical community.”
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FSMTB 2021 Election Results

During the 16th annual meeting of the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) on October 8, 2021, elections were held for three positions on the FSMTB Board of Directors and three positions on the 2022 Nominating Committee.

New Mexico Massage Therapy Board Meeting

The New Mexico Massage Therapy Board is holding a rule hearing November 22, 2021, at 9:30 a.m. MDT. The rule hearing will consider proposed amendments to requirements for licensure and licensure for military service members. Find out how to attend!


Massage is for EveryBody $1,000 Award Winners Announced

Massage is for EveryBody image of Black woman receiving chair massage.

ABMP received a number of passionate essays, explaining the many ways in which practitioners work tirelessly to support the guiding principles behind Massage is for EveryBody. We at ABMP are deeply grateful to you all for your healing, inclusive work.

Therapeutic Vibration: Popular Fad or Powerful Tool?

Massage therapist using a therapeutic vibration "massage gun" on a massage client.

While the results massage therapists get with the use of percussion tools can be exciting, there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the real intent and purpose of vibration/percussion tools in general. 


ABMP CE Summit Course: Asian Reflexology

Learn ancient healing techniques from around the world to work the reflex pressure points of the feet and meridians of the lower legs to balance major energy channels and impact the whole body.

ABMP CE Summit Course: Easing Pregnancy Pain

ABMP CE Summit: Easing Pregnancy Pain

Join us to learn three evidence-based, practical techniques to alleviate some of pregnancy’s most common complaints. Every pregnancy is unique, but most pregnant clients experience stress, torso discomfort, and/or pelvic pain.

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