Free Email and Website

ABMP is the only massage organization offering its members unlimited website pages with hosting and email accounts—totally free of charge. By setting up your professional website and email account as a student, you'll have two useful tools to help you prepare for becoming a professional therapist. Once you've joined ABMP, simply log in to the Members section, and follow the prompts to "create a website" and "set up an email account." For both your website and email (active for the duration of your ABMP membership), you can choose your username and domain. For example, your website could be and your email

The ABMP Website Builder is extremely user-friendly and provides starter pages and content so that you can build a professional website in just minutes. We've included features specifically to help students preparing to become professionals:

  • Haven't chosen a business name yet, and you don't want to be locked into a website address? No problem! You can change your website address/URL at any time without losing content or design.

  • Want to build your site, but you don't want it live on the Internet yet? No worries! The ABMP Website Builder allows you to make pages "invisible" while you're working on them. Just set up a "coming soon" note on your homepage while you craft your interior.

Want to see what your website could look like? Learn more about the ABMP Website Builder!

Make the most of your membership by establishing your free website and email account as soon as you join.