Levels and Benefits of School Affiliation with ABMP

Why ABMP: A Clear Difference

Why ABMP: A Clear Difference

Dear Colleagues:

Just like students and professionals, massage and bodywork schools have choices when it comes to belonging to a professional association. We have characterized our working relationship with AMTA as professional and respectful, and we are glad to share views and work together on matters that have an affect on the entire profession-such as the Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge project and AMTA's recent endorsement of the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) as the profession's preferred licensing examination.

At the same time we also recognize that we are competitors who are vying for the support of practitioners, schools, and students. We want to be sure that you and your colleagues recognize there is a clear difference between the two organizations and how they serve the massage education community.

If you haven't looked lately, here's some information that can help you better understand which organization provides the most comprehensive service, resources, and support. While AMTA has been deciding what to do with the council of schools, ABMP's Education Team has been focused on one thing: You.

Does your professional association:
  • Provide complimentary webinars for administrators, instructors, and students? ABMP does.
  • Provide a complimentary website and e-mail account for your school to use for its clinic or business class? ABMP does.
  • Produce informative newsletters for administrators, instructors, and students? ABMP does.
  • Offer a discount program for your instructors? ABMP does.
  • Offer liability insurance for your school's program? ABMP does.
  • Provide a comprehensive program for developing student academic success and decreasing attrition? ABMP does.
  • Offer a massage educator resource (Teaching Massage: Fundamental Principles in Adult Education for Massage Program Instructors) and online training programs to build massage instructional skills? ABMP does.
  • This list is just the beginning. We invite you to learn more about all that ABMP does.

Please view the posters we have developed for you, your students, and graduates to help explain one of the differences. Please print as many copies as you wish, and post them in your student information area. We've developed a series of these informative posters, and we'll be in touch in a few weeks with another resource for you to share.

Your ABMP team is proud and appreciative of the relationship we have with you and your peers. We wish you continued success, and as always, we're here for you.


Les Sweeney, NCTM