Celebrate ABMP’s 25th Anniversary

In 2012, ABMP celebrates its silver anniversary. We’ve proudly served the massage and bodywork profession for 25 years. We want you to share in the celebration! Starting in January, we’ll conduct a random drawing every two weeks—including everyone who renewed or upgraded their ABMP Practitioner, Professional, or Certified membership during that time—and we’ll refund their membership fees paid for the year.

Yes! If your name is selected, we’ll cut you a check for 100% of the membership dues you just paid. By year’s end, we’ll have 25 members celebrating our 25th anniversary and enjoying a free membership.

(Actually 26 members will win—thanks to the way the calendar falls—but that’s OK. You’ve come to expectmore from ABMP.)

Winning members can share their stories of success and portraits, and help inspire other members of our ABMP family.

Good luck! And Happy Anniversary!

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Meet the Winners of ABMP’s 25th Anniversary Renewal Giveaways.

ABMP Member Julie Mezzy ABMP Member Melissa Cooper ABMP Member Heather Sanders