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Step 7: Making use of the Specials Box
Today, we're going to set up your Specials/Call-Out Box! The Specials Box on your site allows you to promote current events, discounts, special rates, or anything else you want visitors to see on every page of your site:

This can be handy for a lot of things, and the nice part is that you don’t need to edit every page of your site for it to be visible everywhere. To edit the Specials box, first click on "Set Profile" on the left side of the website editor:

Now look for the "Specials/Call-Out Box" field; this is where you can change what's showing up on your site's Specials Box.

This feature can be used for limited-time offers and specials, announcements, contact info—whatever you really want your visitors to see everywhere on your site. You could even add something like a "Book Now" button that shows up on every page using the source code editor in the Specials Box (we'll talk more about adding HTML into your site in a later post):

So there you have it—an easy way to quickly change things on the fly, and make sure your site's visitors are seeing what you want them to! Now it's your turn—help out your colleagues and give some ideas of how you're going to use the Specials Box. Post in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ —we'd love to hear your ideas!

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