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ABMP recognizes the importance of a Web presence for massage practitioners. That's why we invested in a website builder that's created specifically for bodywork practitioners, built from the ground-up to meet your explicit needs. Unlimited pages, loaded with premium features, no up-sell, no third-party vendor running the show, super easy to use. And all included as part of your member benefits. This is the best website builder in the profession, hands down. Other associations provide these features only with an upgraded version that totals more than $700 a year! Learn more:

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> Four-minute Video Overview
> Quick View of Templates and Features
> "Build Your Website in One Hour" Webinar
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> Samples: View ABMP Member Websites
> Testimonials: Why members love the ABMP Website Builder

A sampling of the 75 template options.

Samples: View ABMP Member Websites

www.merrimackvalleymassage.abmp.com/ (Renee, MA)
www.richards.massagetherapy.com (Richard, TX)
www.ruben.massagetherapy.com (Ruben, CA)
www.gentlespirit.massagetherapy.com (Maria, CA)
www.goodhealth.massagetherapy.com (Angie, CO)
www.njapeacefuljourney.massagetherapy.com (Nancy Jo, CO)
www.k9waves.abmp.com (Sandra, OH)
www.aucourant.massagetherapy.com (Marchella, CO)

Testimonials: Why members love the ABMP Website Builder

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, ABMP, for allowing me to take my business to its next level. I love my website.
Regina, NJ

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new website option. I'm so excited to have a website now, especially since I have my own practice and new cost effective ways to market and advertise.
Jennifer, MD

I am so proud to be a part of ABMP. Thank you for making it easy to educate clients and giving us all the professional backing that helps make ABMP members stand out!
Amber, PA

Thank you for putting together such an easy website builder. I absolutely love it. I would never be a member of any other organization again!
Kelly, IN

ABMP was a great help in starting my massage business, especially the free website.
Angela, AZ

Fantastic new website tools. Exactly what I was looking for!!! Thank you.
John, NJ

It's great that ABMP offers a personal website. I have had a ton of new clients from it.
JoElle, NY

With the ABMP website builder and brochures to help me market my massage business, I can focus more on helping people feel better.
Alyssa, CA