Discounted Massage Scheduling Software for ABMP Members

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ABMP has partnered exclusively with Full Slate to provide members with up to a 40 percent discount on appointment scheduling software for massage therapists. Full Slate’s online appointment calendar has all the features you need to manage a busy schedule, including support for multiple staff members and recurring appointments. Plus, there’s a mobile interface for accessing your schedule from an iPhone or Android.

Best of all, ABMP members can enjoy the ease of having clients book their own appointments on the web.  Full Slate’s online scheduler can quickly be added to your website, your business page on Facebook, and your member profile on

Clients can see what time slots you have available and make an appointment instantly. You get an email or text message notifying you of the appointment request and a chance to accept or decline based on your criteria. Once you confirm, an email - which can be customized to include information like your cancellation policy or directions to your office - is automatically sent to the client, as well as an appointment reminder email as the session date approaches.  There’s also an option to send a message afterward, to solicit ratings and reviews, word-of-mouth referrals, and repeat business.

Full Slate has settings and controls specifically designed to help optimize scheduling for massage and bodywork.  It can build in a buffer between appointments for setup or cleanup, and you can limit the number of hours you perform physically intensive services in any given day.  Plus, if you run a discount offer, you can limit the number of appointments available to coupon holders and avoid being inundated with phone calls.  A complete list of features is available on Full Slate’s website.

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When you sign up for a free trial, a live setup coach from Full Slate will help you get started with online scheduling.  That’s one of the reasons that Full Slate is ABMP’s preferred appointment scheduling software - they provide exceptional customer support. 

After the free trial, ABMP members get a 40 percent discount off Full Slate’s regular price for one schedule. It’s normally $29.95 a month (for one schedule), but costs only $17.95 through ABMP.  Save $12 every month on plans with multiple schedules, too.

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Testimonials: Why ABMP Members Love Full Slate

"Online scheduling has changed my life! I now spend a fraction of the time I used to on appointment management, and my clients love the added convenience.”  Bevin, WA

“Full Slate’s been a hit right off the bat with my clients who appreciate the appointment reminders. It’s made my life easier and paid for itself in the first week by eliminating no-shows.”  Frank, CA

"I scheduled $200 of business while on my morning walk - all from Full Slate's application on my mobile phone!" Bart, TX

 “If you've been looking for a clean, efficient scheduling system that will make you look good, help your customers feel good, and keep you busy, I’d strongly suggest you give Full Slate a try.” Matt, CA

"I am LOVING Full Slate. It's FUN to work with. It's so freakin' fast and easy to use.” 
Lynn, MN

“Wow.  It’s intuitive and it works.  I am really liking Full Slate.”  Paula, NY "Full Slate’s product and service is so above and beyond the competition it's not even funny!" Jed, CA