Summertime Blues




What was Eddie Cochran thinking when he wrote this song? Is summer a time for the blues?

Summertime for me has always been about fun, and vacation. While I am now decidedly middle-aged, summer returns me to my youth—playing little league baseball, going to Lewes Beach, spending the day in the backyard with my friends reenacting last night’s Phillies’ game I listened to on the radio, and the inevitable chore list from my parents.

A couple years ago after school ended, my youngest son asked, “Dad, are you on summer vacation?”

No, Peter, those days have gone by, though we do typically take a vacation during the summer. Living in Colorado can’t be beat, but we are short an ocean, so usually we head to one coast or another.

This year, a different kind of August adventure awaits—my firstborn heads to college. So instead it’s time for a road trip, hugs, parental advice, and tears.

I hope these “dog days” afford you a brief respite from your chosen work to enjoy the sand, surf, mountains, friends, loved ones, laughter, and yes, a few tears.

I’ll talk to you in a few weeks­—as a college parent.

Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do
But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.



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