Let’s Make a Deal


Blog Two of 2012 continues the onslaught of practice-building genius (okay, that might be an overstatement). But this is one of my pet ideas that perhaps when shown the light of day doesn’t rate, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.


Regardless, I keep coming back to it; if I had my own practice (beyond the Sweeney family), I would offer this deal to two or three people. Like Jimmy Fallon says, “Who doesn’t want more money?” I think any therapist would be willing to lock in three hours a week, right?


Here it is:

So am I crazy, or is this an idea all independent therapists should be offering to help boost their regular bookings?


Feedback, as always, appreciated.






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6 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Deal

  1. This definitely is something I have thought of before and it sounds like a really good idea. I’ve never implemented it but after seeing this I think I’ll try it.

  2. Sorry Les, but you don’t have to make deals with clients to get them to come every week. They come every week when they understand the value of a massage and see how they have less pain in their life, less stress and how that allows them to have fuller lives and be more productive at work and be closer to the one’s they love. It is a matter of educating clients and that is not just slamming the benefits of massage into their face – it is about talking to people to find what it is in their life that has meaning and helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.

  3. For sure, always offer a deal. I often tell other professional people especially in the hair and nail business who have a client base. Make them an offer for lets say a buy one and get half off, or send in one of your clients and get 1/2 off your next treatment. There is usually a great source in which I could tap into.

  4. A “deal” is not always necessary. Educating the client and focusing on their goals while providing results-oriented bodywork is the name of the game. Not making a deal.

  5. this is not about making a deal, this is about making $ for your business. this is not for every client, this is for those clients that need that extra push to get their butts on the table. like les said, you have to identify the clients you have that this may work for and it is a win-win proposition.

  6. Congratulations Mo! This is very well-deserved. I’m one of those people that knows how truly nmaziag she really is. She finds aches and pains that I didn’t even know I had and then works them out. It is easy to tell that she truly cares about her clients and I have learned a lot from her. Looking forward to many more massages in the future!

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