Come Back!



In past posts, I’ve talked about how you might craft and deliver your elevator speech. “Yes, I’m a massage therapist! Have you tried bodywork before…” Hopefully you’re comfortable with that assignment by now. My pal Kristin Coverly and I give you an example:


Do you have a “come back” speech ready as well?


The key to successful practice development is establishing a cadre of regular, loyal clients. In order to inspire clients to be “regular,” you need to help them understand the value of frequent bodywork. Kristin explains it best:


A member of our Education department, Kristin coordinates ABMP’s BizFit program efforts, and is a fabulous presenter, marketer, therapist, and human being. And she improves my videos by about 5,000%. Look for more videos from Kristin and me here; in addition members can find them in the ABMPtv section on


So, what does your “come back” pitch sound like?



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6 thoughts on “Come Back!

  1. These videos were very helpful in developing my “come back” verbiage. I get tongue tied and don’t know what to say, so I miss out on opportunities.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you the encouragement! I appreciate your blog. I didn’t experience both videos playing simultaneously.

  3. I am not a “high pressure” sales type, so I do struggle with how to suggest rebookings. The second video is a great example of how our mindset makes all the difference (sincerely helping the client rather than “selling” them something).

  4. Getting the right words for a quick script and having it prepared and memorized is so helpful for me! Thank you for sharing these tips on “what to say” and keep them coming! A whole series would be great! Thank you!

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