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Critical and creative thinking skills are essential for success in the massage profession.
Critical and creative thinking skills are essential for
success in the massage profession.

Topic 4 of the Instructors on the Front Lines workshop series focused on building critical and creative thinking skills in massage students. This workshop shared activities that bring critical and creative thinking concepts alive in the classroom and strategies for organizing class content to build learner engagement and autonomy. The webinars and handouts below provide highlights from the live IFL workshop for those instructors who could not attend or who want a refresher. Contact your ABMP school liaison to find out about other resources ABMP makes available to massage program instructors.

Highlights from IFL Topic 4

"Building Critical and Creative Thinking Skills in Massage Students”

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Webinar Review #1: Workshop Overview

Webinar Review #2: Thinking Tool – Observing
Handouts: Observing & Speculating Form
Handouts: Listening Critically Self Eval

Webinar Review #3: Thinking Tool – Generating Ideas
Handouts: Divergent Thinking Graphic Organizer 1

Webinar Review #4: Thinking Tool – Asking Questions
Handouts: Starbursting Form
Handouts: Assumption Busting Activity

Webinar Review #5: Thinking Tool – Connecting
Handouts: Cluster Mind Map

Webinar Review #6: Thinking Tool – Problem Solving

Webinar Review #7: Thinking Tool – Transforming & Synthesizing
Handouts: Response Form 1
Handouts: Response Form 2

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