Levels and Benefits of Membership with ABMP

Levels and Benefits of Affiliation with ABMPInstructors who are professional members with ABMP have access to a range of supportive resources that help them create dynamic learning environments. Find out about ABMP levels of membership and learn how ABMP supports you, your students and your school.


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Certified, Professional, or Practitioner Level Membership

Certified, Professional, or Practitioner Level MembershipCertified, Professional, or Practitioner level members have access to a variety of tools to enhance their massage businesses. Massage therapists or bodyworkers who are also instructors find that their membership with ABMP protects them from liability in the classroom, while providing access to resources that help them create positive learning experiences for students.

Protection from Liability in the Classroom: Many schools believe that their institutional blanket liability policy covers all administrators, instructors, and students in all situations. This may or may not be the case depending upon how the policy is written. It may only provide coverage if the school is named in a suit, but not if individual instructors or students are named. It may cover negligence, but not general liability. It may be limited to on-site activities and not cover internships or activities outside of school, or continuing education classes. It is important that you review the school's policy carefully to ensure that you are covered as an instructor. More than likely you should hold your own liability insurance.

Liability insurance like that provided to you as an ABMP Certified, Professional, or Practitioner member protects you in the event that you are named individually in a suit as a result of private practice, employment, teaching, or providing continuing education classes. Injuries inflicted by an instructor on a student account for the highest insurance payout on record at ABMP. Faulty equipment set up, inappropriate technique use, and failure to identify contraindications can all lead to serious injury.

Resources for Your Classroom: The wide variety of resources online in ABMP's student, professional, and instructor sections provides a range of teaching tools for important classes like anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, business, massage theory and practice, and more.

One great idea is for instructors to use the website and e-mail accounts that come with their Certified, Professional, or Practitioner membership as a way to communicate with students. From K-12 to college, instructors are finding that the Internet provides an effective means of staying in touch with today's students. For example, if a student misses a class she can download the homework assignment directly from the instructor's website and not fall behind. Lecture and demonstration notes can be posted to support student learning. A quiz or practical exchange reminder can ensure students remember classroom supplies or prepare for an exam. As the post-secondary student population continues to get younger, the use of online communication will increase, and schools will find that this is an effective method for reaching out to students.

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Membership Discount for Instructors

We recognize the tremendous contribution that instructors make to the profession of massage every day and in appreciation ABMP offers a membership discount just for you! Massage therapy instructors, who currently teach students enrolled in an entry-level, state-approved massage or bodywork program, are eligible to receive a $24 discount off Professional, Certified & Practitioner level membership. ABMP's liability insurance, covers instructors in the classroom, their private practice and in any CE classes they may teach. The discount on the instructor membership and insurance coverage is just one of the many valuable benefits included in the ABMP Instructor Resource Program.

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ABMP Supports Your Students

ABMP Supports Your StudentsABMP supports your students with a student membership program designed to help them achieve their academic goals and build the skills they need to be successful professionals. Teachers can enhance the students' classroom learning environment with use of the Student Success Curriculum. When students sign up as members, or when schools sign students up as members, students receive: > back to top

ABMP Supports Your School

All state-approved massage and bodywork schools are part of ABMP's Massage School Alliance and receive these free services and benefits:

A complimentary copy of the following ABMP publications:
  • Massage & Bodywork magazine (6x/year)
  • Knead to Know student newsletter (4x/year)
  • The ABMP School Connection newsletter for school administrators (4x/year)
  • The Massage Educator instructor newsletter (4x/a year)
Complimentary services and information including:
  • Access to a sampling of the Student Success Curriculum
  • An invitation to ABMP's School Issues Forum
  • A school listing on www.massagetherapy.com
  • Access to the referral credit program for massage schools

ABMP School Members

Schools wishing to formally affiliate with ABMP can join as an ABMP School Member. In addition to the resources provided to all Massage School Alliance participants, School Membership provides schools with:
  • Access to all professional and student member benefits on the website.
  • A complimentary website and e-mail account.
  • Complimentary classified ads and job postings.
  • ABMP identification materials.
  • Access to ABMP online networking forums.
  • Access to ABMP student resource materials.
  • Liability insurance for the school (optional).
  • Business personal property insurance (optional).
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