ABMP Business Resources

ABMP has worked hard to develop web-based business tools for members. School owners, administrators, instructors, and students find that these resources enhance school operations and the learning environment in a variety of ways.

Learn about how these tools can enhance your admissions and enrollment process, increase communication in the education department, drive clients to your student clinic, build student business skills, and more. Please note that you will not be able to access these tools if you are not a member of ABMP. Learn more about ABMP membership with instructor access.

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ABMP Business Resources for Members

ABMP offers members a wide range of helpful business tools. This alphabetical list shares just some of the resources ABMP has developed to help schools, students, instructors, business owners, and professional members thrive. To find out more about resources that can benefit you and your business, contact your ABMP School Liaison.

ABMP Publications and Newsletters: ABMP offers a variety of publications and newsletters to meet member needs including our flagship publication, Massage & Bodywork magazine. Publications include: Body Sense, Different Strokes, Knead to Know, Massage & Bodywork, The Massage Educator, School Connection, and the Successful Practice Handbook.

Association Listings: Access contact details and links to websites for associations related to massage and bodywork.

Booking Repeat Business Online Tool Kit: This checklist and tools is organized to make it easy for massage therapists to schedule repeat client visits. It provides information for new professionals to help them learn and implement this important skill.

Brochures (Customizable): It is easy to create brochures to educate clients in your student clinic or professional practice with ABMP's unique brochure generator. Templates include: The Benefits of Frequent Massage and Bodywork, Why Should I Receive a Massage?, What to Expect During a Massage or Bodywork Session, About Sports Massage, About Seated Massage, and About Maternity Massage.

Business Management Resources:
Learn how to write a business plan and print timesaving forms, such as a health intake form and a treatment record.

Classifieds/Business Opportunities: You can post an opportunity or find out about an opportunity in this section under headings like, "For Sale", "Help Wanted", "Situations Wanted" or "Spaces for Rent".

Continuing Education: ABMP provides useful information about how to find and evaluate continuing education with links to our dynamic continuing education calendar.

Discounted Services from ABMP Partners: ABMP brings discounted services in the areas of business and publications, health insurance and wellness, retail, travel and leisure, and wireless services to members. ABMP staff continuously evaluates and researches new savings and services for members.

E-mail Account: ABMP members have access to an e-mail account that they can use for their professional practice. Use ABMP's webmail function or access it through a favorite e-mail program, such as Microsoft Outlook or Entourage.

Events Calendar: Check ABMP's Events Calendar for workshops, lectures, meetings, and important happenings across the country.

EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week: ABMP is proud to sponsor EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week and looks forward to your participation. Since 1995, ABMP members have given their time, money, and effort to help those less fortunate, while also promoting themselves and the profession.

Legislative Resources: ABMP's staff keeps members up to date with the latest news regarding regulation of massage and bodywork. Members can access state boards and their regulations and read legislative updates specific to their state. Legislative resources including information such as a Legislator's Guide, listing of local government regulations, HIPAA and Eight Core Principles of Massage & Bodywork Legislation help members and schools work effectively with regulation in their local area.

Marketing Materials: ABMP makes it easy for members to create attractive marketing materials with downloadable logos and professional massage and bodywork photos. Reward cards, client postcards and gift certificates are ready to print and use.

Marketing Tips: This section provides specific tips and hints on such topics as "How to Create a Public Relations Campaign," "Generate New Solutions for Your Business," "Keep a Marketing Journal," and many more.

Networking Opportunities: Learn about ABMP members and groups meeting and networking in your area.

Newsletters (Customizable): Customize newsletter to use in your school, clinic, and department. Professional writers have created massage, bodywork, and health care-related articles that you can import along with attractive photos. Choose a quote and write a message to your readers and generate a ready to save and print PDF.

Online Continuing Education Calendar: Use this tool to find continuing education classes in your area, online, or to learn about home study or distance education opportunities.

Online Networking Forum: Connect with massage and bodywork professionals, schools, instructors and students nationwide on our lively online forum.

Outreach Opportunities: Learn about outreach and volunteer opportunities happening across the country.

Photo Library: A library of professional massage and bodywork photos makes it easy to add attractive art to your newsletters, brochures, website, and other marketing materials.

Student Success Resources: ABMP offers a number of member resources for students to help them reach their academic and professional goals. Learn about the Student Success Curriculum and online Student Resources.

Successful Practice Handbook: This useful publication provides essential practice information and references.

Treatment Management Materials: Forms like a client intake form, body map for client assessment, SOAP notes, chair massage guidelines, and release from a physician (and more) make it easy to document sessions in a professional manner.

Website (Customizable): Members have access to a free website that is easy to build and maintain using ABMP's website builder tool. Schools can use this as their main web presence or dedicate it to their student clinic or a particular department. Instructors find that a dedicated website for courses help them communicate effectively with students.

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Ideas for the School

Schools find that the website and e-mail account that come with membership allows them to create a web presence, an essential component of a successful business in today's web-based marketing world. If schools already have a web presence, this second account can be dedicated to the student clinic, a specific department (i.e., career services or graduate placement), or a community outreach program to share news with clients, students and graduates, or participants. ABMP's website generator program is easy to use and allows the school to quickly create an attractive website, complete with images and personalized information.

Many school members use the same tools used by our professional members to streamline student clinic operations and communicate with clients. For example, you can:
  • Create informational brochures for clients to help them better understand the benefits of massage or special services, like pregnancy massage, using the brochure generator available to ABMP members.
  • Create customizable newsletters to stay in touch with clients, provide information about the benefits of massage, or promote a special event. ABMP's newsletter generator and database of professionally written massage articles help clinics create attractive materials quickly and easily.
  • Incorporate useful forms—like a health history intake form, new treatment form, and sales receipts--in your student clinic.
  • Use attractive client postcards, gift certificates, and reward cards in your clinics to say thank you to clients, generate gift certificate income, or offer a referral program.
When massage schools involve students actively in the process of promoting the student clinic, they demonstrate for students the value of regular communication with clients, client education activities, and basic marketing skills. View a sample website for a school's student clinic and a list of ABMP business resources to learn more about these important member benefits.

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Ideas for the Admissions Department

Staying in close contact with prospective students after that first admissions meeting is important to ensure strong show rates on the first day of school, and to help new students feel prepared and informed. Use ABMP's newsletter generator to create customized, attractive, easy, and informational newsletters that keep prospective students interested in your school and excited about their new career. Don't have time to write articles about massage? No problem! ABMP has a database of well-written, massage-oriented articles ready for you to choose. The newsletter generator allows you to place these articles (accompanied by attractive images) into the body of the newsletter. Then, customize the newsletter with your contact details and with specific information you want to communicate to readers. For example:

  • Prospective Student Newsletter: Send a newsletter as soon as a prospective student shows interest in your school. Select articles that describe the benefits of massage. Then customize the newsletter with a short section boasting about the success of graduates (i.e., "Graduate Amy Summers Lands her Dream Spa Job!"), or share news that demonstrates your school's important place in the community (i.e., "Exceptional School of Massage Receives Award for Community Service!").

  • Enrolled Student Newsletter: Send a newsletter after the student is enrolled but before classes start. Use pre-written articles on specialized areas of massage, like pregnancy massage and sports massage, that help prospective students understand the opportunities that exist in their new career. Customize the newsletter by providing a blurb about orientation, a checklist of needed supplies, or a welcome note.

  • New Student Newsletter: Send a newsletter after the first two or three weeks of school. Use pre-written articles on stress reduction to remind new students about self-care. Customize the newsletter with a warm encouraging letter that reminds students that transitions can feel difficult, especially when starting a new career. Encourage students who are struggling to come and visit the staff. Admissions representatives are the first bond a student makes on a campus, and admissions can often talk new students through difficult times--decreasing 30 day dropouts.
View Sample Admissions Newsletter.

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Ideas for the Career Services/Graduate Placement Department

The staff that works to help graduates find their first massage jobs must communicate with potential employers of the school's graduates, students about to graduate, new graduates, and alumni. Use ABMP's newsletter generator, brochure generator, and the ready-to-use postcards to stay in touch with these groups. The newsletter can include a short blurb about job postings, information about an upcoming job fair, graduation dates, or a note about an employer who offers a special work environment.

Schools can also dedicate the website that comes with school membership to the career services department. Pages can be customized with important information. Students about to graduate might appreciate a section dedicated to writing resumes and cover letters. New graduates and alumni benefit from job postings filtered through the school, and potential employers appreciate learning when a new group of students is graduating, their skills and the unique training they have received.

View Sample Website for Career Services Department.

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Ideas for the Education Department

Massage schools know that students often struggle with business skills. Whether it is applied to finding a first massage job or setting up a private practice, knowledge of marketing and self-promotion are important. Schools that sign up all of their students as members are able to use ABMP's tools as part of their business curriculum. Student members have access to:
  • A website.
  • An e-mail account.
  • Web forums.
  • A client brochure builder.
  • A client newsletter generator.
  • A business card discount program.
  • Business forms.
  • Client reward cards.
  • Client gift certificates.
  • Client postcards.
  • Resume samples.
  • Cover letter samples.
  • A searchable database of massage articles.
  • More!

Many schools require students to create a business portfolio and organize all of these materials as part of their business classes. This is an excellent learning opportunity that prepares students to market themselves when they graduate.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the development of a web presence before graduation. Students can get friends and family members using this site even for practice sessions. When all of your students have access to a free website, you are able to teach the value of a website in your business classes. Building a website and receiving feedback from instructors is a valuable classroom activity.

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Ideas for Instructors

A trend in K-12 education and post-secondary education is the use of instructor websites. Instructors can use the website and e-mail that come with their professional membership (check out ABMP's Instructor Resource Program for instructor discounts) to set up a website to provide information for their classes. The website might contain a course syllabus, a reminder about important due dates, downloadable written descriptions of homework assignments, and printable lecture notes. Students who miss classes are never out of the loop because they can visit the site online to find out how to best catch up, or how to plan ahead. Websites are one of the best ways for instructors to communicate with younger students who are comfortable and fluent using the Internet for information.

View a sample instructor website built using ABMP's website generator.

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