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Receive news directly about the profession, legislative updates, ABMP BizFit additions, new benefits, and more. Our master RSS feed will inform you when fresh content appears on this site. An RSS feed allows you to receive headline updates directly, either through a web page, your e-mail account, or your phone.

Using Our RSS Feed

Even if you're unfamiliar with news feeds, they are easy to use. You can use a newsreader like Google Reader (Web-based), FeedDemon (Windows, Outlook, Web, and mobile options), NetNewsWire (Mac), or any of the hundreds of newsreaders available (for more options, Google "rss readers).

Simply, copy and paste the URL into the application's "subscribe" dialogue. You will then be able to receive automatic updates of our newest releases!

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Using Google Reader as an Example

Step 1: Select an RSS reader, in this case, Google Reader at
Step 2: Click "Create Your Account" (or sign in, if you already have an account).
Step 3: You will then see an introductory page. Click "continue" at the bottom to then view the Reader page.
Step 4: In the left sidebar, click "Add a subscription," and paste, and click add.
Step 5: Now, every time you access your Google account, the newest ABMP headlines will appear in your Google reader. You can always go to, sign in to your account, and select Google Reader from the tabs at the top (it may be under the "more" options), and get all your headlines. You can also customize an iGoogle homepage that includes your RSS subscriptions, so that when you go to your Google page your information is there for you front and center.