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ABMP Member Juliebeth Mezzy

Juliebeth Mezzy
About Juliebeth: Juliebeth joined ABMP in January 2012 soon after she participated in an ABMP Instructors on the Front Lines workshop in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she lives. Juliebeth, who just celebrated her 20th anniversary in the field of massage, told us “I decided to become a massage therapist when my very dear friend was in the hospital recovering from a kidney transplant. It was the first night she was able to have a shower. After we got her settled back in bed I was rubbing lotion on her legs and feet and she fell sound asleep. The next night I did the same thing. She reported that those were the first two nights she slept soundly since she had been there. ‘You should do this for a living,’ she said." Juliebeth went on to become a massage instructor and has been teaching at the Cayce Reilly School for 13 years. Her advice to students? To know your anatomy and to be true to yourself. “If you are massage folks strictly for the income,” she said, “that is what you will get. Money. When you give a massage purely from the heart, money will be the least of your concerns.” In her free time, Juliebeth creates handmade soaps and lip balms, practices yoga, and enjoys gardening and cooking.

Favorite ABMP Benefits: “My favorite benefit is the free website … I also LOVE the student resources. The muscle graphic organizer is awesome!”

ABMP Member Melissa Cooper

Melissa Cooper
About Melissa: This massage therapist and esthetician is a member of ABMP and our sister association, Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP). She’s been an esthetician and energy worker for 14 years and a massage therapist for 5 and has “truly loved every moment of it all.” Melissa, who lives in Trinidad, Colorado, says her practice is unique because her training allows her to combine whatever her clients need at that moment—perhaps combining a full body massage with lymph work and a mini-facial with steam and cupping. When she’s not with clients, she spends time with her awesome family—fishing, rafting, or enjoying their favorite hobby, beekeeping.

Favorite ABMP Benefits: “Oh, without a doubt, I love having a web page that is easy to use and set up and easy for my clients,” Melissa told us. This year, she’s also planning on taking advantage of the classes available through the ABMP Online Education Center.

ABMP Member Kathrina Helms

Kathrina Helms
About Kathrina: Kathrina, who has been an ABMP Professional member since 2009, uses healing touch, energy work, and reiki in her bodywork practice. She’s looking forward to using the ABMP Website Builder to develop a website for her business in Northern California.

Favorite ABMP Benefits: The variety of resources included with membership, especially the magazine and the liability insurance coverage. “For the money, the benefits are amazing!”

ABMP Member Heather Sanders

Heather Sanders
Heather Sanders
About Heather:  “When managing clinical trials for drug companies,” Heather told ABMP, “I became acutely aware of the limitations of allopathic medicine and the side effects of drugs. Around this time, I sought the assistance of an acupressurist, Rolfer, massage therapist, and chiropractor for my own health needs; it was through this bodywork that I finally found relief. Dogs have always been my passion and I wanted to see these modalities offered to our canine companions. This led me to pursue bodywork training and apply my scientific background to a new career!” An ABMP member since 2009, this San Francisco-based bodyworker runs a practice that is intended to complement veterinary medicine; it incorporates myofascial release, manual ligament therapy, structural integration techniques, and acupressure.

Favorite ABMP Benefits: Liability insurance & member discounts.

ABMP Member Karl Meyer

Karl Meyer
About Karl: An ABMP member since 2010, Karl has more than 15 years of experience as a massage therapist, including leading his family to the field of massage. When his family saw that he’d found his passion by going to massage school, they “couldn’t resist the excitement.” His wife, two daughters, and one of his sons have already followed his path by earning their own massage licenses. Through his travels, he’s met massage therapists, instructors, school operators and alternative medical practitioners across the U.S., in Canada, Mexico, and in Cuba. “What I thought made us unique is being replicated by outstanding professionals everywhere,” he says. In his capacity as president of The Institute of Therapeutic Massage in Ohio, he’s met a few members of the ABMP staff—an opportunity that he says provides “a wonderful professional relationship and guidance.” And in his limited free time? “Watching my children and grandchildren thrive gives me much pride. If the good Lord agrees, I look forward to returning to pilot instructor someday. I do miss flying!”

Favorite ABMP Benefits: Karl told us that “ABMP seems to have a ‘genie’ on staff who anticipates our needs and all of it provides for a better representation of the massage industry as the professionals we are.” Referencing how he and his school have used ABMP’s resources, Karl said “We have used most all of the resources available from ABMP, from the photo gallery, to the webinars … it seems like every time one of us access your website we can't wait to share the new treasure trove we found. Plus no one here would miss an opportunity to participate in ABMP's Instructors on the Front Line series. NO better focus group for educators anywhere.”

ABMP Member Barbara Barrett

Maggie Schmitt
About Maggie: “I care about my clients and try to convey that. I love what I do and learning new techniques to help them further in taking care of themselves,” she told us. “These days, it’s about relaxation and stress reduction!” To that end, Maggie frequently incorporates reflexology and stones into her practice. Maggie, an ABMP member since 2008, also takes great pleasure in gardening, getting outdoors to hike or canoe with her husband, cooking, and photography. Her Senegal parrot, Freddie, is a lot of fun, too!

Favorite ABMP Benefits: “Quality insurance coverage and the magazine. I love the articles; they are very interesting and edifying.”

ABMP Member Barbara Barrett

Evelyn Tabor
About Evelyn: Evelyn has been practicing massage for about two years and specializes in infant massage—teaching parents how to massage their little ones, from ages newborn to 12 months. She says that it “has been wonderful seeing parents connect to infants.” Spending time with her own grandchildren is her “favorite pastime.” She’s also an avid reader and she’s involved with a business networking group.

Favorite ABMP Benefits: Evelyn says she enjoys “every article from Massage & Bodywork magazine, particularly noting the articles written to complement ABMP’s webinars.

ABMP Member Barbara Barrett

Glen Erickson
About Glen: ABMP is pleased to have had Glen as a member for more than a decade—since 2001. A Professional member, he’s taken advantage of web-based benefits, such as online chat with the ABMP staff and informational webinars.

ABMP Member Mary Hall

Mary Hall
About Mary: This member, who has been a licensed practical nurse (LPN) since 1985, let us know that she "got into massage for my love of helping people." Mary joined ABMP as a student in 2002—and she credits her husband for having been very helpful and encouraging while she was in school. She continues to work as a nurse while running a small massage business, Your Time Therapeutic Massage, from her home in Michigan. She adds reflexology to her massages and incorporates essential oils, warm towels, and quiet music into her soothing sessions. Mary loves working from home, but also takes her massage chair to places such as schools and her church.

ABMP Member Ashlie Biewer

Ashlie Biewer
About Ashlie: "I first became an ABMP member as a student ... in 2006. After graduating, I started my own practice in my hometown [in North Dakota]. I now have two practice that I run by myself. I enjoy doing the deep tissue 'fix it' kind of work. It's a very rewarding feeling to be able to help people with their chronic aches and pains. My free time is spent taking care of my newborn, which is also a very rewarding feeling!"

Favorite ABMP Benefits: "My favorite benefits are the Massage & Bodywork magazine and the personal website."

ABMP Member Laurie Russell

Laurie Russell
About Laurie: Laurie became a massage therapist after testing the waters for many years—taking classes in shiatsu, reflexology, and basic massage before enrolling in a formal program. She let us know "I was busy with my career working as a research chemist studying photoconductor materials. I worked with research groups developing solar energy materials … always looking for the next major research breakthrough that improved solar energy efficiency. I guess I have always been an 'energy worker.'" In 2004, she enrolled at Advanced Fuller School of Massage in Virginia Beach, Virginia; she then studied Ohashiatsu at the Ohashi Institute. She now works as an independent contractor for a few local massage studios and spas and she recently started a small practice of her own. Outside of the massage room, Laurie rows and practices yoga; she’s also planning a long overdue road trip in her RV.

Favorite ABMP Benefits: "My favorite part of being an ABMP member is Massage & Bodywork magazine.  It is filled with lots of valuable information, it is well illustrated and the writing is always entertaining and informative. I read both the on-line and hard copy formats. Body Sense and Different Strokes nicely round out the ABMP publication library.”

ABMP Member Terra Pearson

Terra Pearson
About Terra: "My office is at the Isis Osiris Healing Temple, another hub that invites connection, sharing, and inspiration throughout the healing arts community of Northern California and beyond. In my practice, I utilize techniques from various modalities including craniosacral therapy, zero balancing, polarity, shiatsu, deep tissue, reiki, and intuitive energy work. I am repeatedly inspired to witness the miraculous wisdom that is the essence of every Being. It is this essence that fuels the healing as we invite space for it to flow more freely. I feel that every challenging situation (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) holds the seed for transformation toward greater health. I feel honored to witness the unfolding of these sacred journeys of evolution."

Favorite ABMP Benefits: "I am grateful that ABMP provides a strong network for practitioners to connect with each other through a variety of ways. As we share our experiences, knowledge, and other resources we nourish our own lives, those who come to our healing rooms, and our communities at large."

ABMP Member Christy

About Christy: This member from New York joined ABMP in 2006 at the Professional level of membership soon after she received her state license. She was with us for three years, took a break from her membership, and reinstated it in 2012. Welcome back, Christy!

ABMP Member Cindy Delmonico

Cindy Delmonico
About Cindy: "In 2001, I decided to attend massage therapy school ... I was told that, as students, we were required to carry liability insurance. The instructors told us about the insurance plan provided by ABMP. I checked with our personal insurance carrier who told me she couldn't even come close to their rates. Fast forward a few years, I am still a full time church business administrator and a part time massage therapist that specializes in people with developmental disabilities."

Favorite ABMP benefits: "Because I am so busy with a large family, a full-time position at the church, and my massage therapy practice, the only way I am able to learn new skills is through the great articles contained in the magazines and the webinars offered through ABMP. One of the first things I did after finishing school was set up a monthly newsletter to help educate others on the benefits of massage therapy and other health related topics. Since beginning school, I've never worried about insurance, the rates haven't increased, and I recently applied for a credit card through ABMP. I am so pleased that years ago I was told about ABMP."

ABMP Member Kim Thomas

Kim Thomas
About Kim: Kim joined ABMP as a student member when she was enrolled at Irene's Myomassology Institute in Southfield, Michigan. Following her 2008 graduation, she went on to establish her own practice at a health and fitness center where, as a runner, she likes to help with runner-specific issues. On a personal note, she's been married to her best friend Mike for 20 years. Like many ABMP members, she's an animal lover, and she spends most of her free time with her 7-year old horse, Jewel [pictured], or taking care of their three dogs.

Favorite ABMP benefit: Kim let us know that she finds "the articles in Massage & Bodywork magazine and very helpful."

ABMP Member Aimee Willmoth

Aimee Willmoth
About Aimee: "I have just recently graduated from massage school and am excited to begin a career as a massage therapist. I have just started a job providing massage in hospitals for people recovering from surgery and postnatal women. My dream is to travel the world while continuing my education and providing bodywork to those in need."

Favorite ABMP benefit: "As someone who is just entering the field of massage and bodywork, I really appreciate all the wonderful webinars."

ABMP Member Curtis Hisao

Curtis Hisao
About Curtis: A member of ABMP since joining as a student in 2003, Curtis went to massage school following retirement from the airline industry, where he worked for more than 25 years. He has his own practice, is the team therapist for major league soccer's San Jose Earthquakes, and is a massage instructor, too. Curtis believes that "massage is a lifelong learning experience", and he encourages his students to "do everything after they graduate so that they can make a more informed decision on which direction they want to take massage." In his spare time, he loves to travel.

Favorite ABMP benefit: Curtis has been promoting ABMP for many years to help educate the student body at his school about the options available to them. He's also earned quite a few referral credits by recommending ABMP to colleagues. (Thank you, Curtis!)

ABMP Member Sharon Patch

Sharon Patch
About Sharon: An ABMP Certified level member from California, Sharon believes that "each of us has a unique outlook on life—personal experience and goals we wish to incorporate into our practice. I know that each time I work with someone, I hope that they walk away with a certain satisfaction, that they feel healthier, and I have been a part of their process."

Favorite ABMP benefit: "The emails and correspondence which inform me of opportunities for classes I can take to help me be a better massage therapist."

ABMP Member Kevin Terry

Kevin Terry
About Kevin: "I currently have a small home visit practice and work at a medi-spa two days a week. In addition to that I work with a friend (one of my best, whom I met in massage school) and her company...we specialize in home spa parties and chair massage events at local colleges and businesses...Yes, I do have a full workload but I enjoy what I do so much."

Favorite ABMP benefit: "Winning back my membership dues for 1 year is right at the top of the list." He also really likes ABMP's website, which is "very user friendly and it has lots of useful info."

ABMP Member Molly Hutchinson

Molly Hutchinson
About Molly: Molly brings an integrative approach to her practice, combining modalities and techniques to meet the needs of each client. A 2004 graduate of massage school, she grew her practice until she opened her own office in 2009. Molly is now opening multiple locations in multiple states, which has left her "with lots of work (which is great!), but very little free time."

Favorite ABMP Benefit: "I appreciate everything ABMP does to enable massage therapists to be successful. Knowing I can catch a webinar that might help my business, print prepared marketing materials, or update my free website gives me more of an opportunity to work in my business vs. working on my business."

ABMP Member Barbara Barrett

Barbara Barrett
About Barbara: An ABMP member since she joined us as a student in 2005, Barbara blends massage and energy work in her practice.

ABMP Member Sam Myers

Sam Myers
About Sam: This massage therapist and reiki practitioner brings bodywork to a hospice setting, where you really "get the pure essence of the person" receiving massage.

Favorite ABMP benefit: "I just really enjoy the security of knowing that I have the backing [of ABMP] behind me... [The risk of having a claim filed] is not something I have to worry about."

ABMP Member Terri Carter

Terri Carter
About Terri: "My practice is unique because I am a mobile massage therapist—I go to my client's home and allow them to create their own massage environment. Whether it be having the news, their favorite music, or just conversation, I have seen that it helps them to enjoy the session and makes them more relaxed... I believe ABMP has worked for me in the sense that it has given me a place I can go for knowledge and support for my growing business and career."

Favorite ABMP benefit: "All the available resources and networking that is offered."

ABMP Member Dianna Robertson

Dianna Robertson
About Dianna: "I have been blessed to be the in-house massage therapist for the Bristol Family YMCA in East Tennessee. I have many clients that have come to me for their first massage thanks to staff, fitness trainers and instructors being walking testimonials... I have been asked to speak with fitness classes about what I do and how massage can help them have a more effective workout experience."

Favorite ABMP benefit: "The discount with Full Slate Scheduling. This has made appointment scheduling a breeze for me and for my clients. They can book when it is perfect for them and I don't have to worry about missing phone calls."

ABMP Member Trella Dubetz

Trella Dubetz
About Trella: "I have dedicated myself to understanding the energetics behind the mind-body-spirit connection and my practice... I believe that we are most creative, joyful, and effective in our lives when we are fully embodied, and I focus on educating and offering pathways that enable others to more fully come into and BE themselves."

Favorite ABMP benefit: "The liability coverage, and the association with a professional organization; from day one eleven years ago, fresh out of massage school, ABMP was 100% on my side!... From my first day as a member, I felt that they genuinely appreciated me, and would do whatever they could to guide me on my way to building a practice. And that is absolutely priceless!"

ABMP Member Michael Bloom

Michael Bloom
About Michael: "When I'm not working as a firefighter or a massage therapist, I spend my free time designing and building stained glass, riding my Harley-Davidson Sportster, practicing yoga and quigong, and volunteering as a Guardian Ad Litem [child advocate]."

Favorite ABMP benefit: "The free website. It's great to be able to update it anytime."